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3 Marijuana Branding Tips to Differentiate Your Company

Posted by on Nov 14, 2017

It is evident marijuana dealers sell the same products. There is high competition in the marijuana industry even for the best marijuana dispensary in Nevada. This can be challenging for cannabis dispensary dealers to effectively market their particular brands. This is the leading challenge marijuana marketers’ face while marketing a brand’s product. Here are some tips to help service providers differentiate their brand from that of other Companies:

Alternative pricing

Alternative pricing can play a vital role in differentiating a brand in a congested market. Alternative pricing is one of the quickest methods of making your brand stand out from the rest. There are three ways of conducting an alternative pricing. Here they are:

• Premium pricing-This process involves charging higher prices on your marijuana products when compared to other competitors. This technique should only apply if you are dealing with extremely high quality cannabis and if your targeted audience can pay this price. This can make it easy for customers to differentiate your brand.

• Low pricing-This is the first option brands consider when they want to differentiate their brands from others. Low pricing can help a brand garner widespread attention that competitive brands.However, this process requires a lot of consultation before anyone can adopt it.

• Unique structure-As the name suggests, this process involves a brand offering unique services from other competitors. Unique services such as offers and discounts among others, makes it easy for a person to differentiate your brand from your fellow competitors.

Forge partnership

As earlier stated, marijuana industry is quite congested as dealers are selling similar products. This can be confusing to customers when it comes to selecting products from a certain brand. In addition to this, brand owners might find their marketing strategies failing to improve their sales. Marketing strategies fail in the marijuana industry because customers are unable to differentiate a particular brand from other competitors. A marijuana dealer can differentiate his brand other competitors from by merging up with another Company.

Focusing more on customer service

There are very few businesses in marijuana industry that have adopted the customer-centric culture. A customer-centric culture is important as it helps brands operate based on their clients’ pleasure and dislikes.Secondly, a brand can get suggestions from its loyal customers on how to be unique. Lastly, it creates some form of uniqueness. This can make a person easily identify your brand.
A marijuana dealer shouldn’t worry about customers being unable to differentiate their brands with that of their fellow competitors. The above guidelines can completely solve this common occurrence.