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Marijuana Voting Ballot in 2016

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016

Marijuana Voting Ballot in 2016

There were many discussions regarding the legalization of cannabis and over time we heard numerous arguments on why it should be legal. Marijuana is a plant that like any other has some effects that are beneficial to our health. Making it legal for everyone to buy and use it as a cure for a disease is only logical. Recreational marijuana use is legal in states like Washington, where smokers are able to simply ask themselves, where is a cannabis dispensary near me and choose from a vast menu of options.  On the other hand, in that case, pharmaceutical mega-companies would lose their money. Using marijuana to cure cancer rather than expensive medicine doesn’t make global companies too happy. However, there are more and more states, each day that support legalization of Marijuana.


Arizona is one of the states that fully support the fight to make marijuana totally legal. They are aware of the healing factors that this plant provides, and many other. This is why they made a proposition 206 in which it states that every adult over 21 will be allowed to use marijuana for recreational purposes. The amount that serves as a limit in their proposition is fixed to one ounce. This means that anyone above 21 will be able to have in possession one ounce or less of marijuana.


This is another state in line that totally approves the legalization of marijuana in medicinal purposes. If the majority of Arkansas residents vote yes, medicinal marijuana will be available for everyone to use. Opening medicinal marijuana dispensaries will not only help a lot of people, but also give them hope and make life a lot easier. Imagine what trouble a person with bladder or any other cancer has to go trough just to get their hands on the most effective cure. Being that that cure is Marijuana and that it is currently illegal, makes them criminals.

Truth Begin the legislations.

The catch is, as we mentioned before, that multi-million global companies don’t feel good about legalizing the only cure for cancer. Another problem is that that cure isn’t theirs as if it came from their laboratories in the form of a synthetic drug that they charge fortune for. With that being said it is obvious that they are the real opposition in this hassle. But more and more states are declaring themselves as pro-cannabis states. Making the world a better place is everyone’s duty, and we should do everything that is in our power to make what nature provides free again and available for any person on this planet. So join the fight and do what you can to bring us to another step closer to free marijuana.

In the future, we can only expect more and more states to change their opinion about marijuana legalization laws. In only two years more than 50 states world-wide officially declared themselves pro-cannabis states. This is why we need to strive to make everyone aware of the beneficial effects of marijuana. Medicinal use of marijuana is already available in numerous states. See what you can do to help the cause and bring us closer to legalize Marijuana.